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 Litte bit of catching up![posted by TMR on 11 Dec 2006] 
Nothing new on the release front to report (although there are several projects on the go right now) but I've been more than a little lax regarding the memberlists lately; Cosine has gained three new members! First off there's Jeff who, of course, joins us as a C64 musician but also as a C64 programmer since he'd like to try some demo code. Secondly we have the delightful company of Mermaid, who codes, does graphics and composes music over a large number of formats. And last but certainly not least is Widdy, probably best known on the C64 as being part of the legendary Genesis*Project and joining us as a coder and graphics bod on the C64 and Gameboy Advance.
 You shall have a fishy...[posted by TMR on 23 Oct 2006] 
Bloody hell! Another new graphical release from Cosine in the space of the last five weeks? Yes, Bizzmo strikes again with an FLI picture released just to see it finished and out-and-about. This time it's called Grandma Has Gone Fishing and, as Bizzmo himself explains, we've all got Mirage/Focus to blame for the title! Somehow, this release run has to grind to a halt eventually... doesn't it?
 Cosine go mad at X[posted by TMR on 15 Oct 2006] 
Well sadly, we didn't all get to actually go mad at the party itself, but there have been some new releases there from Cosine and that's almost the same thing... at least, that's what most of the members have been telling themselves and it'll probably take several years of counseling to convince them otherwise. Anyway, back to the important matter of releases; today we have Bizzmo's excellent graphics entry called Wool On Her Mind and a neat onefiled demo from T.M.R, Bizzmo and Intensity called For Teh Win. What more could you want on a Sunday morning apart from something for the hangover?
 New demo? Nah, must be an illusion...[posted by TMR on 07 Oct 2006] 
Cosine releasing another product this soon in 2006? Surely it's some mass hallucination brought on by too much caffeine. After all, what are the odds of there being a new demo called Mish Mash with code and graphics by T.M.R and music by Sack...? And the chances of that demo, if it wasn't a fevered imagining, being released at Sundown 2006 are probably even more slight! Next we'll be trying to tell you we've released stuff at X'06 or something!
 Again, again again![posted by TMR on 14 Sep 2006] 
Yes, there is yet another new graphic released today by Wile Coyote (with a little coding by T.M.R). This one is called Siberian Summer, once more drawn in hi-res with sprite overlays (and a rather spiffy animation as well) this time inspired in part by such disparate elements as some Playstation 2 games, a six month trip to Bulgaria and Capcom's arcade classic Strider no less!
 More pictures but no games this time[posted by TMR on 25 Aug 2006] 
Warez rush!! Don't ask me how, but we've actually got another new release out there; Return Of The Boat is a hi-res bitmap picture with just a little sprite overlay that was done by Wile Coyote and released because, well because it was a good idea to release it, really! We're going to need a little break now, because the whole of Cosine is starting to feel just a little faint after all of this recent exertion...
 Pictures and games[posted by TMR on 14 Aug 2006] 
Yes, two more additions to the site in the form of two all new releases; the first of these is a fantastic new picture from Bizzmo, called Son. This is a pretty personal piece (there's a further explanation from the man himself on the information page as to why) and, of course, very nicely executed.

The second addition is the recently completed VIC version of Lunar Blitz - again it has been ported from the original C64 source code by T.M.R but, sadly, there's no music in this version - but it does run on an unexpanded machine!
 Play that funky music[posted by TMR on 22 Apr 2006] 
Our first release of 2006 (well okay, so it was a close thing with the game rush at Chrimble but technically the first) is a fabby music pack that runs on any 264 machine regardless of RAM; it's all done by 4-Mat (he's still not a member but we like him far too much to just let him go) called TED Storm and that name says it all really! Have a good listen to what the TED can do sonically when it's given a good, hard shove.
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