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 The daily grind[posted by TMR on 18 Sep 2011] 
Two years since the last update... oh well, it's been doing the rounds for a while now after being released on the Format War website but we've finally got around to adding Edge Grinder to the downloads here! The final disk image contains the game as available on cartridge from RGCD which was coded by T.M.R with music by Odie and graphics by Trevor "Smila" Storey and adds an excellent Steve Day picture and another tune by Odie whilst it loads.
 Planes and boats and trains...![posted by TMR on 14 Sep 2009] 
Yes, two Cosine releases in the space of a year - will wonders never cease?! This time we're presenting GR9 Strike Force, a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up from T.M.R (there's a surprise...!) and Odie which was developed for the Retro Reunited event (12th to 13th Sep 2009) in Huddersfield, U.K.

The game was developed over a three and a half week period and features digitised images of a lucky Retro Reunited competition winner, who was given a silly hat to wear, photographed and inserted into the game live at the event!
 Copying blocks since 2008[posted by TMR on 21 Mar 2009] 
Another year(!), another Cosine release... yes, it's been an absolute age and a half since the last product and there's just a hint of irony in the air as well because the latest release, Blok Copy DTV, is the same game as the last release! Well okay, it's not entirely the same because although it plays pretty much identically to the original PET version, this port looks graphically slick because it runs using the 8 bits per pixel graphics mode of the C64DTV2 and has a superb SID soundtrack by our very own Odie rather than the beeper tune T.M.R cobbled together!
 Kikstart C16 cartridges[posted by TMR on 18 Jul 2008] 
Recently that nice James over at RGCD badgered persuaded T.M.R that cramming Kikstart C16 down to fit into an 8K cartridge would be a good idea. In fact, it would seem that it really was a good idea despite T.M.R's reluctance (not enough to stop him doing the code and spending a few days trying to remember how auto-starting cartridges work) and there has been a significant amount of interest to the point where Retro Gamer printed a news item about the cartridges in issue 53 (in the "retro radar" section on page 8, for those wanting to see how the boxes look) but there's a link to this website at the end of the piece and... umm, we don't actually sell the carts!

Kikstart C16 is freely available from this site as a download if you click the link at the start of this sentence in fact, but those who want to purchase it should ponder over to RGCD and nag them (or wait until it appears in the shop!)
 So where did the rest 2007 go...?[posted by TMR on 08 Mar 2008] 
Woohoo! Here's the first Cosine release for 2008 and it's a case of "new year, new format" since it's our very first title for the Commodore PET, in particular for 8K machines with 40 column screens. Blok Copy is an action puzzler where the playfield gets scrambled and the player is then given control and a finite amount of time in which to straighten things out. The design and code were both by T.M.R and the game features graphics (well okay, screen layouts since the PET can't redefine it's characters) by Bizzmo and T.M.R along with a slightly screechy cover of "End Theme", some in-game sound effects and jingles that T.M.R had a go at producing which rely on a hardware hack to add sound to the otherwise mute PET.
 More new stuff to play![posted by TMR on 25 Aug 2007] 
So if we were to say that there was a new release from Cosine called Kikstart C16 but that it's a C64 release, would that be confusing...? Okay, explanations are probably in order; on the 264 series, the game Kikstart isn't the two player split-screen affair seen on the other 8-bits, instead it's a single player race against time through the levels, jumping obstacles, avoiding airborne hazards and collecting bonuses by popping balloons! C16 gamers have always enjoyed playing it and so have we, because of that it's now possible for C64 fans to enjoy it as well!

The original code and graphics are by Shaun Southern from the original whilst the conversion, optimisation and in-game sound were produced by T.M.R. This is the first release with an all-new Cosine intro as well, with code and grahphics by T.M.R and featuring a previously unreleased piece of music by Odie.
 New stuff to play![posted by TMR on 20 Aug 2007] 
It's been breeding again...! That Cosine game that seems to be on half the platforms out there has just been released on yet another format, as we happily present the party version of Reaxion GBA that took the second prize at Buenzli 16 over the weekend. All code was done by Widdy, the graphics by T.M.R and the music by Bexta/Afy/PinkBitz. So there we have not only the first Cosine release for the Gameboy Advance, but the Reaxion world invasion continues it seems...!
 What year is it...?[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2007] 
Just a teeny little one-parter of a demo to "celebrate" the start of the new year and possibly grab the highly coveted accolade of first release of 2007... or possibly not, but very few people really worry about such things...! Paradigm was stuck together in a minor panic by T.M.R, Odie and Motion in the last few days of 2006 - pretty, isn't it?
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