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 Further voyages to the big black yonder[posted by TMR on 27 Oct 2013] 
Another year, another shoot 'em up for the ABBUC competition! Blast off to save the galaxy by destroying the evil, planet-destroying mining dreadnoughts in our latest Atari 8-bit game, a vertically scrolling blaster called Battle Eagle. Features include backgrounds drawn in 4:1 ratio pixels using sixteen shades, multiplexed hardware sprites using expansion to match the pixel ratio of the backgrounds and music composed by Sascha "Der Luchs" Lubenow.
 You spin me round[posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2013] 
The last Cosine release of 2012 was Epic Realtime for the Gameboy Advance; the story behind this release is explained in more detail at the far side of that link but, basically, it and all of the other iterations was done to play with a bug at Pouet.

We've also got around to adding the 2011 release Blok Copy and as a little New Year bonus the previously unreleased Blok Copy - PETSCII Edition has been cleaned up for release, so it accidentally becomes Cosine's first release of 2013!
 Into the big black yonder[posted by TMR on 18 Nov 2012] 
It's already available from the various Atari 8-bit download sites and from the appropriate thread at Atari Age, but we've now got a proper entry on the Cosine website for T.M.R's Atari 8-bit horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up Callisto. This game was entered into the yearly ABBUC Software Competition and came second and has received quite a bit of positive feedback from the Atari community. Which is nice.

We've also managed to scrape our second Amiga demo Liquidize It off an ailing floppy disk to make it available for download; the demo is available as files for hard disk users or as an ADF image. The archive for Reaxion on the Amiga has also been upgraded to add an ADF image.
 Happy Star Wars Day![posted by TMR on 04 May 2012] 
There's two new releases today and the first is our debut on the Amstrad CPC, a simple single-parter called Snoozing which was released as a sort-of-answer to Benediction's call for activity Wake Up! - well, that and it would've been a waste not to release it after the week it took to make. Of course, the CPC isn't the only machine available with a 640x200 display so the next logical step was to convert it for use on the C128's VDC display... and the second release today is therefore also Snoozing but this time for the Commodore 128!

And finally, we've got around to uploading RG Rampage, the platform game that was written to appear as a type-in listing in issue 100 of Retro Gamer magazine.
 Another big hello to...[posted by TMR on 18 Mar 2012] 
Goodness, someone must've slipped something into our tea because here comes another small release and there's still a couple more that are nearly complete to come! This time we've got a colourful Atari 8-bit release called BrainPower, which is our second release for the Atari machines in as many months.
 R.I.P. Jack Tramiel[posted by TMR on 15 Apr 2012] 
Cosine have just released Bumblebee, a small one-file demo for 80 column Commodore PETs released to mark the passing of former Commodore and Atari boss Jack Tramiel on the 8th of Apr 2012.
 A big hello to...[posted by TMR on 18 Mar 2012] 
Greetz0rz is a small demo with raster bars and a mega DYCP for the Atari 8-bit that was released at Forever 13. We're pretty happy about that since we were expecting it to come last!

We've also added a two-parter from 1990 called It's Over for the C64, written by then new member Edie and sadly also his last product for Cosine.
 Reaxion returns[posted by TMR on 12 Nov 2011] 
We haven't seen it in a while, but the Amiga version of Reaxion from 1995 has been located and added to the softography! It's currently filed under "other" but at some point the entire website needs to regenerate to allow for more platforms and an Amiga section will be added... hopefully the Cosine Amiga demos that were released will also turn up at some point!
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