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 The final intro[posted by TMR on 26 Dec 2014] 

There is now a third entry called Spotified from T.M.R with music by Bex/Slipstream available to download, featuring a tune thought lost until it turned up on an old hard disk and some cycle timed ghostbyte hammering.

This was T.M.R's third entry for Laxity's Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database.

 Further introductions...[posted by TMR on 22 Dec 2014] 

We've just released another entry into Laxity's Intro Creation Competition over at the C64 Scene Database. Put together by T.M.R with music from Odie, this one is called Oldstyle because it has FLD effects, raster bars and a high resolutuion logo created from a font.

 If music be the food of love[posted by TMR on 09 Dec 2014] 

Brilliant Maze Music Demo does exactly what it says on the tin, being a music demo featuring the tunes created by our very own Odie for the 2014 RGCD 16K cartridge competition entry Brilliant Maze by Geir Straume.

 Let us introduce...[posted by TMR on 16 Nov 2014] 

Macro Sleep is a newly-released entry into the Intro Creation Competition 2014 (arranged by Didi/Laxity at the CSDb), coded by T.M.R and with music from Sack.

 A Change Of Style[posted by TMR on 27 Jul 2014] 

So the Cosine website was showing it's age. It was a pain to update and there were a couple of bugs in the PHP and those seemed like good enough reasons to rip the entire thing apart to make it better than it was. Better, stronger, faster. Okay, so there are a few products that have moved to a new URL in the process as specific areas for the C64DTV and Commodore Amiga were added, but the bulk of the addresses should remain constant for websites linking to us and we now have the option of properly adding music and graphics releases as well.

There's also a couple of "new" games in there too, both for the C64; Lunar Blitz RX is a shiny new reworking of the original Lunar Blitz which has been modified to match the Atari 8-bit version released at the start of 2014. Warflame RX isn't quite as new, but hasn't previously been added to the website or made available online - it's the reworked version of the original Warflame that was released by Cronosoft in 2006.

 Fifteen Of One[posted by TMR on 16 Mar 2014] 

We've just added two new Atari 8-bit demos during the 2014 iteration of Forever. The first won the Atari 8-bit demo competition and is the slightly earnest 15 Shades Of Grey which is a dentro that uses a couple of the machine's 80x192 pixel modes with, unsurprisingly, the colours all set to grey. The second is the more frivolous 15 Hues which tries to be amusing by claiming to be all of the register writes that weren't used for 15 Shades. In both cases the code and graphics were by T.M.R, with Bex/Slipstream and Sack providing music for 15 Shades and 15 Hues respectively.

 Bombs Away, Chaps![posted by TMR on 01 Jan 2014] 

There has been an Atari 8-bit version of Lunar Blitz based on the same C64 disassembly as the C16 and VIC 20 versions which has been sitting around for nearly nine years, but, apart from an occasional showing "live" at events, it hasn't seen the light of day. That's now sorted after a couple of days fixing up and improving the code for release on the 2014 New Years Disk - happy new year and all that gubbins!

 Where'd the scrolling go?[posted by TMR on 01 Dec 2013] 
2013 has been a fairly busy year by Cosine's standards and Vallation 16K is the third game to be released. The game is a Cybernoid-inspired flip screen shoot 'em up with over seventy screens crammed into 16K for the 2013 iteration of RGCD's 16K Cartridge Competition and, despite the small initial memory footprint, will still take a seasoned player nearly ten minutes to play through!
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